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Tabaadol Ltd

Commercial Business Services ( Sales – Purchasing – Swap )

Our Vision:

Activating the exchange process in all economic areas and between all parties

Our Mission:

Maximizing the use of skills and resources to achieve business growth and prosperity.

Our Goals:

  • Labor relations network expand (customers and suppliers)
  • Maintain a cash balance
  • Flexibility in negotiating buying and selling
  • Provide competitive prices to our customers
  • Emerging business pioneers for the correct start
  • Increase turnover rate

Our Services:

Swap :  A swap is a derivative contract through which two parties exchange products or services. These exchange transaction can be almost anything you without cash transaction  .

Sale : Make agreement or transaction between two parties where the buyer receives goods (tangible or intangible), services and/or assets in exchange for money. deal between a buyer and seller on the price of a security.

Purchase :  We provide acquiring goods or services to accomplish the goals of an organization (Our Clients). our objectives of purchasing are to (1) maintain the quality and value of a company’s products, (2) minimize cash tied-up in inventory, (3) maintain the flow of inputs to maintain the flow of outputs, and (4) strengthen the organization’s competitive position. (5) development and review of the product specifications, (6) advertising for bids.



Summary :  The Egyptian Supply Chain Council ESCC is a nonprofit organization, which represent a big umbrella for all supply chain and Logistics experts, which provide you and your organization with shared experiences, effective communication with members, regular meeting to provide education, research, connections, and professional growth you need to meet the demands of a constantly changing marketplace in Egypt.

The ESCC   Board of Directors is responsible for voting on the mission, vision, and goals of  ESCC  on an annual basis.

Mission :  “To affect the Supply Chain profession by connecting, developing, and educating Egypt’s  Logistics and Supply Chain Management Professionals throughout their careers”

ESCC Exit to :

  • Provide opportunities for supply chain professionals to communicate in order to develop and improve their supply chain management skills
  • Create awareness of the significance of supply chain to business and to the Egyptian  economy
  • To  share all the needed  issues with Supply chain and Logistics professionals  recruitment requirements , Technical and theoretical training , share knowledge and practical case studies to achieve the desired SC effectiveness .

Objectives : 

1. Provide  leadership in developing, defining, understanding & enhancing the supply chain management profession’s.

  1. Be a Source of High Quality Information
  2. Enhance Member Value through education, research, networking, communication and services CSCMP provides to its members
  3. Retain and Recruit Members’ services
  4. Provide and share High Quality Education to Improve the Profession and Benefit our Members
  5. Provide and share High Quality Research to Improve the Profession and Benefit our Members
  6. Provide and share High Quality Networking Opportunities to Benefit our Members

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