Why attending COPICS 2016

At least 12 reasons why you should attend COPICS 2016 

End-to-end supply chain & logistics solutions
Many sessions will discuss real strategies and case studies to present problems and possible solutions in supply chain field in order to maximize and transform the company’s supply chain.

Connect and reconnect
First-time attendees, you’ll get a chance to meet face-to-face with the people you’ve been following online. Returning attendees, you’ll get another chance to hang out with the smartest people you know, plus meet a ton more.

Professional development
The annual conference is a great way to make sure your company knows how valuable you are! Only by attending will you get the knowledge and a network of people who can help make it happen.

Learn from industry leaders
Our sessions are lead by some of the brightest minds in supply chain today. You’ll hear about the difficulties top companies face in this new economy, as well as personal experiences and innovative solutions.

Network, network…network!
Keep up your energy with delicious food and socialize with members from your local round table or industry. Before you head off to lunch , grab a drink and some appetizers and enjoy the interactive atmosphere at our receptions.

The Supply Chain Exchange
More than just a trade show, this conference allows you to see, touch, and experience the latest supply chain technologies up close and personal. Experts are on-hand to show you how you can optimize your supply chain.

Connection Café
Use the Connections Café to notify other attendees that you’re also in attendance! And to follow up the current conference’s news and next years’ ones.

Practicing challenge for Students
Our students are energetic go-getters at the top of their class with a thirst for knowledge and real life experience. Participate in the Student Recruitment Day to find your next supply chain’s

Get COPICS 2016 sponsors offers & benefits 
Get Exclusively COPICS 2016 sponsors benefits and keep in tough with your suppliers

ECSC will offer free membership to COPICS 2016 attendees with only registration fees

Supply Chain and logistics Job fair  
Recruitment services and Job offers for for supply chain & Logistics vacancies

COPICS 2016 Certificate of attendance 
Empower your profile with COPICS 2016  certificate of attendance .

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